We have more and more mindless eating. Many people eat alone, behind steering wheels or in front of the television. The word companion literally means “one who eats bread with you”. We’re inspired and proud to introduce ‘Soul Food Kitchens’, a place where people can come together to prepare and enjoy meals among friends, old and new. The act of eating should not only be to nourish the body but to also feed the soul.


The kitchen isn't just where meals are made - it's the heart of it all, a place for family and friends to come together. We will be your shopping and cooking guide. Together, we'll share recipes, diversify our menus, dine together, laugh together and then take the leftovers home to continue eating healthy. 

This program is designed to assist you in making healthy choices along with the extra motivation and support provided by a group of like-minded people. Becoming empowered to take charge of your eating is one of the greatest gifts that you can give to yourself and ultimately, to those you love. 

Join us in the kitchen where the only thing we take seriously is food! 

Please see our calendar for more details or contact us directly for more information on upcoming workshops.

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