I’m sure many of you out there can relate to how yoga found you. It has a way of coming into your life when the time is ripe and subtly takes a hold of you.

My yoga journey came by accident, although I’ve learned that there are no such things as “accidents”. I had taken yoga classes periodically over the years. Dipping into a class for a little warrior two here and a little savasana there. I enjoyed them but I wasn’t entirely sold. I left the mat feeling relaxed but hardly enlightened. My view of yoga was that it was for a) hippies b) pretentious hipsters in lululemon gear or c) indian gurus. I didn’t understand the complexity, or the healing and spiritual benefits behind it.

Alas, in April 2012 I was offered a complimentary teacher training, so I thought “what the heck?!” I can add this to my repertoire and expand my fitness modalities. I took the training course. It was interesting but still, I did not pursue teaching or practicing yoga.

Over a year later I was offered a teaching gig. Not one to pass up an opportunity to challenge my career or to refuse easy dough I gladly accepted. I pulled out my mat and my text books, studied the poses and the language and went for it. The role of teacher has always been my forte, not realizing that this time I was in the role of both teacher and student. Day after day I went through my asanas, observing each down dog and cobra and letting them take over me. Somewhere over the next few weeks, yoga found me. It grabbed hold of me and wouldn’t let go. I started to notice the benefits of yoga not only in my body but in my spirit. I noticed the way it healed my heart when it felt broken just like it healed my hamstrings after a long run. It challenged me in ways lifting weights or running a marathon could not. It started invading every cell of my body and I knew I had to keep coming back to my mat. It raised up so much inside of me, some at first I didn’t understand and most of which I’m still figuring out.

Yoga came into my life at a time I needed a lot of healing and rebalancing. Yoga gives me a new and compassionate perspective for myself and for others. The joy of finally succeeding in a pose I’ve been dedicated to practicing every day for months is undeniably gratifying. The meditative state that washes over me as I’m going through my sun salutations feels quite frankly divine and the practice of being still and completely present, although still a challenge, is powerful beyond measure. All the hours I’ve spent on my mat, deepening my practice through mediation and exploring asanas has taken me on an amazing journey, giving me the ability me to deal with life’s stressors with a bit more ease, and a comfort in letting go.

And so my yoga journey continues. I’ve since continued my teacher trainings working toward my 200 hours to be recognized by the Yoga Alliance and my personal journey will likely continue eternally. They call it a yoga “practice” for a reason. ;-)

Namaste my friends,


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