"Laurie is amazing! She's very kind and bright, knows very well the body and its needs. Her energy and input in the process is great. I really enjoy having her training."

I found this one of the most pleasurable training sessions in my 50+ years exercising. Laurie's suggestions are innovative and appropriately demanding. I'm really looking forward to my workout!"


"LL has the power to guide you put things in perspective and make you feel on top of the world - like you got this and then always listens and sets a program that fits YOU!

I always see people coming out of her classes radiating magic with lots of sparkle in their eyes. She has the power to turn it all around! 



On Personal Training


On Personal Training


On GROOVE & Personal Training

Music is the sound track to my life and there is no way I can sit still when there is a good beat to rock out to. When I need a little introspection, I turn to my mat where I connect to breath and shake off the rest. I love being around people, breaking bread, sharing stories, laughter and a glass of wine (or two!). I’ve been blessed to create the life I want doing all the things I love. I have been professionally involved in the fitness industry since 2009 accumulating a wide-range of certifications and achieving success by feeding my hunger for learning and sharing it with others to promote wellness and joie de vivre.
I like to take an all-inclusive and simple approach with my clients integrating community, creativity and self-awareness. I have enjoyed implementing a variety of fitness and wellness programs in various settings on an individual level and with groups of all ages. My free-spirited style of holistic self-care blends technical and playful for a uniquely heartfelt experience.



*GROOVE every second Friday

$10 - Espaces des Arts - 7pm-8pm 

9 Ste-Catherine, #101


Tel: 514-823-2333 |

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